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Uganda was quoted by Winston Churchill in his book “My African Journey” as “The Pearl of Africa”. Winston Churchill refers by his quote to Uganda’s unique landscape, beasts, reptiles, mammals, birds and vegetation.


Ugandan Shilling


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Christian, Islam, Indigenous


Uganda’s Untouched Beauty

Uganda is gifted by nature, with beautiful rift valley landscapes, tropical rainforests, natural safari parks, rivers, volcanic crater lakes, still all in its natural state to explore.

Traditional Lodges in Nature

The African traditional architecture has been embedded in most of our chosen lodges, to give you a feel of living in nature. Stay at a traditional lodge right in the middle of the rainforest after gorilla trekking or a fun activity at the great rive Nile.



Tribal Treasures

Discover the different tribes and traditions of Uganda as you explore each of the different regions. Visit their cocoa or tea farms and get a feel of how they traditionally run their farms.


Uganda is a member state of the East African Community. 

Uganda is divides into four regions: Central, Western, Eastern and Northern. The Capital city Kampala lies in the Central Region of the country.

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Uganda has daily International flights with most major airlines. The national carrier is Uganda Airlines, covering the East African Region and the Domestic Airline Aerolink covers the local regions.


Every world-changing project has started as a follow-up of a meeting. We understand how important it is to have the perfect ambience, a suitable environment and a flawless organization. Choose isolated places with high standards for sensitive meetings, modern venues in international hotels, unusual locations to surprise the most experienced ones or unique venues that can only be found in Uganda. We adapt to your meeting!


Uganda has much more to offer than gorillas and safaris.

Are you a dare devil? Try the adrenaline filled rafting or one of our other activities on the river Nile, such as kayaking or horseback riding by the Nile among others.

Enjoy Uganda’s tropical forests, such as the Kibale Forest, which inhabits different species of primates coupled with chimpanzees.

Are you a bird watcher? Enjoy the bird tours in the Kibale rainforest with over 375 species of birds, it is a true birding paradise.


Conferences must excel from the content, to the keynote speakers and of course the location. Choose Uganda for your next conference and we will add value to the important topic you are debriefing.

We can find the best outdoor or indoor venue!


Our creativity combined with the potential of Uganda, will turn any event, professional or personal, big or small, in a lifetime memory.

Even if there is no specific reason, we will still offer you the possibility to access unique experiences, authentic workshops and personal development events.

Get ready to be surprised and discover more than expected!

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Chimpanzee trekking in the Kibale National Park is one of the best in the world as you get to come close to chimpanzee but also

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MICE Uganda

Chimpanzee trekking in the Kibale National Park is one of the best in the world as you get to come close to chimpanzee but also

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our local expert

Barbara keila kajote

Our East African Team is managed by Barbara Keila Kajote.

Miss Uganda 1st runner up 2011 Barbara Keila Kajote moved to Belgium a couple of years ago to further her education and work as a model. In her first years in Belgium she worked with famous Dutch photographer Dagmar Van Weeghel, their work was featured in Vogue Italy and her famed photos sold in different art galleries all over the world.

Being born and raised in Uganda, the Pearl of Africa, Barbara was always amazed by the beauty of her country’s nature. She spent a lot of time exploring the diverse nature of her country, the Sipi water falls in the East of Uganda, went on Safaris in Queen Elizabeth National park, trekking gorillas in Bwindi, kayaking on the river Nile among other adventures. It’s no wonder after settling in Germany she wanted to share the beauty of Uganda and rest of East Africa with the world.

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