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Russia is the biggest country in the world, located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. It perfectly combines and mixes both European and Asian cultures.


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Russia’s Diverse Climate Tapestry

The length of Russia from the north to the south is more than 4000 kilometers, so the climate is very different: from arctic zone with famous polar day and night to subtropical zone with warm sea and gentle sun.

Russia has vast cultural, religious and national diversity

The European part of the country is rich of historical treasures, architectural monuments, theaters.

The Black Sea coast offers European sea shore level of service with local unique peculiarities. 

The Caucasian mountains inspired many famous Russian poets and writers. Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, shows a mix of Christian Russian and Muslim Tatar cultures. The size of Siberia is equal to the area of the whole of Europe.



Baikal Beauty: UNESCO Heritage Marvel

Famous Siberian lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake. The lake was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


There are more then 10 airports who accept international flights in Russia.

Alone at Domodedovo International Airport operate 70 airlines to and from 189 destinations. National Carrier Aeroflot has probably the youngest fleet in the world and is only using international aircrafts like Boeing and Airbus. Transportations have been increased by speed train connections between St. Petersburg and Moscow. 

There is also comfortable Allegro speed train from neighboring Helsinki to St. Petersburg.

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Cultural Mosaic: Diversity Unveiled

The country has a vast cultural, religious and national diversity.


If you look for a high-level, fully equipped, convenient venue for your meeting, we have a big variety to choose from. The main cities Moscow and St. Petersburg are central points of political and economic events. The famous yearly Economic Forum in St. Petersburg held more than 19000 participants from 145 countries last year and these numbers are growing year to year. We are here to make any of your meetings successful.


From the West to the East and from the North to the South Russia has a big diversity of “must-see” places for any taste.

Start to explore incomprehensible Russia with so called “central Russia” – European part of the country. The majestic Kremlin is the heart of the capital. “Northern Venice” – St. Petersburg is the most romantic city with former tsars residences, drawbridges and white nights during the summer period. Black sea shore in Sochi and its suburbs is a Russian riviera with fascinating nature, great Caucasian mountains and fast-growing level of service. Unique reserve at the Eastern part of Russia is Lake Baikal, this beautiful lake is more than 30.000 square meters in size and 1.620 meters in depth.


No matter if you plan intimate, not big conference or large congress we will find the best place what will perfectly suit you. Only in Russia we have a big choice of venues from historical to modern and from small and cozy to huge ones. Every conference is important for us and our professional team knows how to make it successful.


We make any event unique and turn it into a good memory. We write your private story to make it special, creative and sometimes unexpected. We know how to make any official or private event successful, professional and at the high level. There is a big choice on any taste – classical ballet, national traditional singers and dancers, dog sledding, skiing, we can “send” you to the past or make your event innovative in Russia.

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